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Make use of the live market data, great user experience and advanced charting at Upstox. You will get access to Fox Trader, Neocents' own platform, bridge for Amitrader, Upstox dashboard and more.

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We all need apps that are compatible and easy usable on our smartphones. Upstox is simply the perfect app for you. In this decade, anything which is not mobile friendly and usable is just a waste of resources.

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The customers and subscribers at Upstox are in upwards of 100,000 to say the least. Opinions and calls coming from us play a major role in shaping the market.

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Get insightful and logical reasoning on choosing the right stocks at the right time with our experts. Every call from us comes after thorough verification and reasoning.

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As a customer, you can make a note of your financials before and after joining us. . You can easily make out the improvements in your ROI with our effective calls and trading tools.

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We make sure an expert is always available on the line to answer all your trading calls or give you a better advice and tip based on your portfolio and goals.

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Beneficial services available at Upstox


Bridge for Amibroker users

You can easily use Amibroker to write your trade strategies and then implement the using our bridge for Upstox.

Mutual funds at Upstox

Now, you can also match your investment portfolio with the financial goals you have in mind using the customized Mutual fund module.


Complete access to Fox trader platform

Using the Fox trader software, you can easily put your strategies in place, setup real time scanners, and do multiple tests to come to insightful conclusions in trades.

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You will have complete access to our platform, our resources and insightful calls.

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