Learn Technical Analysis Training Online from Experts

Next batch starts 20th February, 2017
Course fee only ₹5,500
Be independent in trading
Classes conducted through webinars
Recordings provided for all subscribers
Doubts session available after every class

High Rate of Returns

Our course is priced at an economical rate of Rs. 5500/- which is way below the market trend, however, we do ensure quality is maintained at all instants. Completing this course you will be sure to get a high degree of returns as a trader, and hence establish your name in the stock market.

Round the Clock Guidance

Our courses are conducted online as well as the video of each session is recorded so that you can get a revision of what you studied. Our experts are available for questioning 24 hours and there is a separate doubt session conducted as well.

Comfort of Your Home

We believe learning is done at its best when the same happens in the comfortable environment. Enrolling in this course you no longer need to travel for hours and can simply sit on a comfortable couch, switch on your laptop and learn all you need.

Technical analysis course schedule

 1st Day :
a. How to make best use of the course 📚📝
b. Type of charts (6 types incl 2 advanced), Importance, & uses 📊📈📉


 2nd Day :
Trendlines and Dem’d & Supply methodology 🔝🔜🔛🔚


 3rd Day :
Technical Patterns – I♌♊♎


 4th Day :
Technical Patterns – II and Indicators – I 〽⚔📐📝


 5th Day :
Technical Indicators – II♉♏


 6th Day :
FIBO – Explained ⚓⚓💰💰
(Explanation from which ratio prices can move and how to find it)


 7th Day :
Options and Data reading 🖥🖨
(incl OI of stocks and Indexes)


 8th Day :
Emotional control and trade management 👨🏻‍💻👨🏻‍💻

Why choose us?

We at Neocents provide one of the most extensive and useful courses in technical analysis at extremely competitive rates. Our experts with their years of experience in the field as well as a strong knowledge of the stock market do help people know about the stock business as well as develop the skill of stock forecasting.

technical analysis webinar

What is Technical Analysis?

Technical Analysis is the practice of transforming historical data and price trends to logical and actionable future predictions. Perfect for students, retirees, traders, and investors. 

By the end of the course, you will learn to identify patterns, make educated predictions with good accuracy and most importantly get out of bad trades easily.

Career Opportunities

Completing this course opens you to a wide range of career options which are available around the globe. 

Apart from running your own stocks, these are some of the other opportunities available:

Stock Broker

If you are inspired by the life of Di Caprio in Wolf of Wall Street, then this course will help you become the next big thing. You can become a stockbroker for a stock firm and can handle high profile clients with their stock buying and selling.

Stock Research Analyst

Numerous MNC’s look for a research analyst specializing in the stock market who can help them identify stocks which are worth investing and the ones which are better to ignore. With our stock forecasting module of this course, you will become a specialist in same within no time.

Fund Manager

With experience in the field you can grow on to become a fund manager, which is one of the prestigious as well as high paying position in any company. Here you will guide the company funds and will decide yourself where to invest and where not while at the same time regulating the funds which the company generates.

With our course, you will be sure with every basic concept you need to become the next legend of Dalal Street. Don’t believe us? Enroll now and find out for yourself.