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Neocents is an Indian Stock Market Advisory Site. We started back in 2012. After these many years, we have all the statistics and data to prove that trading in Indian stock market can be profitable irrespective of the market movements.

We help our subcribers to create their capital and wealth. At Neocents, we have a qualified and experienced team of professionally qualified analysts with exceptional, specialized, expertise of providing informed and accurate trading advice.

Our paid calls and tips are in Equity,Stock Futures, Stock Options,BankNifty Options,HNI Services, Nifty Futures, Nifty Options, BankNifty Futures & Commodity.

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Signup for a free five day trial - No strings attached.


We cater to all indices.

Our trade calls include all indexes so that you can have all options to choose from - Equity Market, Nifty Futures, Stock Futures, Nifty Options, Banknifty Futures, Stock Options and more..

Free 5 Day trial - No strings attached.

Our signup trial gives you access to our premium telegram channel here we share relevant calls for you on a daily basis. You don't need to share any payment methods for signup. Just share your email address with us and we wil send you further instructions to access our channel.


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It is totally understandable if you are having doubts and second thoughts about our subscription plan. Well, why not just keep a track of the calls we make and see the results. If you are not satisfied with our accurate predictions by the end of this trial, you can always walk away.

Statistics aand historic records.

We have been providing these calls for about 7 years now. We can say with a 99% certainity that our calls do work. We also have a rich clientele of 6000+ standard subscribers and 300+ paid subscribers who are always more than happy to attest to our


Don't take our word for it.

Gurpreet Singh

Good advisor, they give exact levels for trading in equities and nifty.

Rakesh Agarwal

Neocents provides 5 days free trial which no other advisor is providing. i joined them for nifty package- daily return that i got is minimum of 20 points- although they claim minimum 30 points in nifty options but minimum of 20 i got daily.

Kamlesh Saggar

Risk reward ratio that they have is almost equal, but they have good accuracy in the market- which keeps riskreward on backfoot.

Kanav Kapoor

I joined Neocents 2 months back, they have very good accuracy of around 80%. Over all satisfied with their services.

Still having second thoughts, feel free to call us and ask for any details you might want to know.
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All the views here are my trades and charts for self examination and my own records. Not SEBI regd. and not recommend others to follow the trades. Please consult your financial planner before acting on anything posted here.

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