About us

At Neocents we believe in a collaborative cohesive approach and at our heart is a team of highly trained experienced trading experts and financial analysts with decades of experience in the industry. The financial acumen and industry insight we possess gives us an edge over our competitors as we firmly believe in sharing our knowledge with our associates and network of traders.

Collaborative Goals

We have always aimed at making our partner traders more efficient and independent in trading. Our range of curated, highly specialised, knowledge intensive training courses are developed for building the skill set and knowledge required for safe, profitable and ethical trading. If you are a trader or aspire to learn the ropes in the challenging world of trading then there is simply no better way than partnering with us at Neocents.

Razor Sharp Focus

Our focus has always remained razor sharp and unwavering…we deal in equity trading and investing. For years we have bypassed diversification and delved into equity trading and investing in superlative depth to a point that we are now the number one choice when it comes to these two domains. Each day we deal with hundreds of calls pertaining to both positional and intraday trading that are both based on technical analysis.

Investing in Research

At Neocents, a hefty share of our budget goes towards research as we believe in setting trends in the world of long term investing. At the heart of our investment in research lies twin goals…we want our traders to benefit from the latest technical knowledge reservoirs that we build and we also want to be known as the most aspired partner in the world of long term investing and trading. Two major domains of our research are technical analysis and fundamental analysis and we collaborate with the best financial knowledge banks in the world to keep ourselves updated.


Our vision is to act as the most sought after financial and capital market partner for investors, traders and stock brokers. We have worked untiringly with technological prowess, innovative practices and practical orientation towards achieving a solid value proposition to our associates and clients by harnessing improvements in process and product. Our vision is the result of years of analysis on the market and a desire to present the true picture of trading to the masses who really want to use the stock market effectively.


Our multi-focal mission works on the following burning goals:
Becoming a benchmarked training centre for trading capital markets in India to make traders independent
Maintaining strong bonds with industry players and leveraging those bonds to help our trader and investor associates
Becoming the most sought after wealth Management service and analysis provider (Equity and Commodity)
Contribute meaningfully towards building wealth in the society by leveraging gains of individuals and enterprises through the market.



24 years old
Subramanya is the most experienced trader and heading the technical analysis team in Neocents. He has his expertise in Chart analysis (includes all) and EW. Subramanya also has experience on the commodities side and we are in process of building up a team for commodities as well.

Shubhankar Biswas

Shubhankar is data and volume reader. Finding unusual activities especially on the option side is his forte. He also picks intraday fishy things on his own innovative observations on charts.

Ashish Jain

Ashish is an F&O positional trader and good at finding multi baggers for cash investments. Forte in both Fundamental and Technical analysis. He is a hustler and find new innovative things which helps in making the existing strategies more fruitful.


Abeer is a Fibonacci lover and a part time trader. Passionate and expertise in finding Harmonic patterns, and works for catching PRZs for a U-Turn.

Shriya Gokhle

Shriya is an intraday scalper, Scanner lover, follows quick money and believes in the principle of little drops of water that make the mighty ocean.

Atul Thakkar

Atul is a future and option trader (both positional & intra). Pattern and Indicator trader and our levels finder. A Gann expert in making.


Nikesh is a Pattern trader, good in finding breakouts on charts nearly for all time frames. More on the side of positional and investment side.

Raunak Goel

Consultant not employee: Raunak is a chartist and an option trader. An OI reader and analyse option charts to find breakouts and breakdowns to ascertain next move.

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All the views here are my trades and charts for self examination and my own records. Not SEBI regd. and not recommend others to follow the trades. Please consult your financial planner before acting on anything posted here.

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