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Neocents - Free Intraday trading tips & Stock market calls.

At Neocents, you will find the most relevant and useful stock market advice, trade calls for both intraday trading and long term investments. Along with our calls, we offer training to anyone who is interested in learning the prediction of trades with our online batches.


Our aim is to develop a belief that share markets is a safe and the best place to make money and create wealth.

Voluntary Calls

We want to empower traders and investors to take control of their own money thus making more informed choices and decisions.

Financial future

Most importantly, we want to help people feel confident about their financial future.

Live Trade Calls..

Find us on your favourite network.. We post our open trade calls across several handles including Twitter, facebook, moneycontrol, telegram among others. So, regardless of your go to channel, you have a choice to pick a constant trading partner in Neocents.

Online Technical Analysis Training 

Training Sessions at Neocents will equip you with skills required for Trading in stock markets. We help you reading charts using different patterns and indicators with set ups that helps you deciding the entry points and potential targets.

OBJECTIVE - "Plan your trade and trade the plan"

After the training you will be able to :

  1. You will be able to read charts and forecast levels.
  2. You will be more confident in trading than ever.
  3. You will not be dependent on any tips or on anyone to know levels.
  4. You will be Independent and make your own trades.

Join us on Telegram, talk to us and know more about it. Have a look at the demo videos on our you tube channel.

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We are grateful to all of our esteemed followers who take our advices and tips into theri day to day considerations and help our basket grow with their word of mouth referrals.

Premium Members

We share most valuable and important information about stock trades and market calls with our premium members. You can join to become a premium member here.

Trainings conducted

Our technical analysis training has become very popular among the students and all people looking to make informed trade calls before investing. Our batches are conducted every month. You can find relevant information here.

What we do at Neocents - Services


Our research team works on technical and fundamental analysis to pick the best among many.


Open a brokerage account with us and get free support from our team on day to day trading ideas and your portfolio evaluation.

Round the clock support

Our motto is to support retail traders and make Stock Markets a potential money making place for them.


We love to teach you various practical aspects of Technical Analysis which help you to be your own boss in analysing charts.

Trade Views

Hortonworks to find best trading ideas to save your time in analysis and Research with advanced tools, techniques Strategies and scanners.


Invest through SIP and generate your long-term wealth.

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Investment adventure?


All the views here are my trades and charts for self examination and my own records. Not SEBI regd. and not recommend others to follow the trades. Please consult your financial planner before acting on anything posted here.

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